A Curated dating experience

Sick of endless swiping? Pointless conversation with strangers you'll never meet? Spending countless dollars and never seeing that person again? Want to actually get out on dates with people that have been screened for you? Matchmaking is a great way to save time and stop the endless conversations that never lead to dates. Stop the cycle before you become completely jaded to dating! There are so many people out there looking for the same exact things as you and are ready for a serious relationship. Let me do the hard work for you and find matches that fit all of your preferences and don’t have any of your dealbreakers.

Matchmaking is a two-part process that I have mastered. Not only do I listen to my paying clients and follow their preferences exactly as outlined, but I also make sure to listen to the people I recruit to go out with my wonderful clients. Just because you are a non-paying participant, that does not mean your preferences are not important to me. Helping people find love is truly my passion and I have many successful relationships under my belt. 

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