I have been helping men and women in NYC for over 5 years to find and maintain relationships. Dating in NYC is different from any other city in the world so, why would you take dating advice from someone who has never even lived here? My unique perspective comes from years of experience through my own personal journey as well as hundreds of friends and clients. Any dating coach can tell you to get online but I show you exactly where to go to meet high quality people in real life. Most of these men and women don't even have online dating profiles! I will help you pinpoint exactly the type of person you are looking for and how to find them out in the wild.

I also help with resolving any issues from your past that could be keeping you from sustaining any new connections. With my help, you'll dig down really deep and understand exactly what it is that is holding you back. Through my market research, I have culminated data on exactly what turns New York men and women off when they first start seeing someone. This information is priceless when it comes to understanding why you can't get past the first few dates. Matchmaking services now available. Inquire for more info.

Limited one-on-one coaching availability.