"My initial goals in working with Anna were to feel more energized and excited about the NY dating scene and to meet more men. Anna provided me with exercises and actionable tips to help me execute against those goals. By working with her, I've built my confidence and changed my attitude and actions when going out. I’m finding it’s easier to meet people in the real world (especially compared to the apps) because I have learned how to be more approachable and now have more fun and energy when approaching strangers. Even if those strangers don’t end up being potential matches, they could still make for potential friends or simply interesting conversations. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Anna to open up more easily to others and bring my best self to relationships."

V. 32, NYC


"When I was going through a breakup, Anna helped me to really fully grasp how much I did not need someone who was treating me so poorly. She helped me to build my confidence back up and leave that guy in the dust! And really truly understand my value and what to look for in a partner moving forward. I think about her affirmations all the time and it's really helped me to weed out the suitors that are a waste of time and not what I am looking for. I am forever grateful for Anna's help and will continue to use her coaching techniques."

J. 34, NYC


"Anna's counsel helped me find the high ground and get on the front foot - she was the only reason I was able to break a toxic cycle with someone who just wasn't right for me."

B. 36, NYC

“Anna is awesome. She took the time to speak to me to understand what I was looking for and takes the time to do the work for me of finding a match. She’s also a great cheerleader with excellent suggestions and advice. I definitely recommend her!”

K. 37, NYC