When You Feel Like Giving Up...

It's easy to get into a negative head space but it's really hard to get out of it. Maybe something happened at work or perhaps you got into a fight with a friend, it seems like once we start the downward spiral, it feels impossible to climb back up. 

I experience this with clients and with myself. A bad few days can feel overwhelming, maybe even suffocating. I can sit here and tell you over and over to change your mindset but that's easier said than done. 

I tell clients to praise themselves every single day. Even if you messed up at work, praise yourself for trying your best and make a promise to learn from that mistake and move forward. When I used to feel guilty for missing a gym day or indulging in an unhealthy treat, I would remind myself how grateful I am to have this body that gets me all around the city. Find something each day to be proud of yourself for, that should help pull you out of the funk you're in. 

I am always recommending adding volunteering to your weekly or monthly schedule. When I started volunteering at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church for their Tuesday night meal services through New York cares, I saw how grateful people were for a hot meal and I instantly felt so lucky to have the life that I have. It is a magical feeling to help those in need and really puts life into perspective. Things could always be much, much worse. Giving back is the best way to feed your soul and make you realize everything will be just fine. 

I also ask my clients to set an intention each morning. Mine is usually to help a stranger in need. It can be something simple like holding a door open for a mother with a stroller or buying a bottle of water for someone in need. Any act of random kindness will do. Waking up and saying out loud my intention for the day sets me up for success before I even brush my teeth. Even if I don't meet my goal for the day, just having that intention makes me feel good about myself. 

Lastly, before bed, write down or say out loud something you are grateful for that day. Maybe pick a friend and make a pact to text each other every night telling the other person what they are grateful for. Having a friend keep you accountable is very helpful! You'll also feel more connected to this person and have someone cheering you on to be your most positive self. 

Next time you feel a negative shift coming on, try one or all of the above. It'll work. 



Anna Morgenstern