Putting All Of Your Eggs In One Basket...

There are many reasons why you've heard over and over never to put all of your eggs in one basket, especially when referring to dating in New York. You can easily get away with dating multiple people at the same time here so, best to not get too attached to someone too soon. You never know what they're up to! 

A better reason to have a few people you're interested in is to avoid putting pressure on a relationship too early. Of course when we meet someone we really like we want to shower them with our love and affection but it's important to take it slow and really get to know the person. In the first month of dating someone new, it's a good idea to maybe line up a few dates with other people to take the edge off the one you really like. It may feel counter-intuitive but you're doing yourself a favor by not falling too fast for someone new. It takes a while to really get to know someone, which is why you need to observe and see if this person is really right for you long term. 

Just because you are going on dates with other people doesn't mean you should feel obligated to smooch at the end of the date. You're just going out to see what else is out there and to keep your weeks full. It will help clarify if the guy you really like is the best possible guy for you out there. Maybe you meet someone else who treats you a lot better. Either way this is a win-win for you!

If it doesn't work out with the one you really like, it'll be less painful if you didn't only focus on him. It'll feel like less of a blow if you have a few other guys texting and asking you out. If someone doesn't want to be with you, NEXT! If nothing else, the person you're going to end up with is going to adore you. Keep that in mind!

Good luck out there!





Anna Morgenstern