A First Date That Leads To A Second...

How many first dates have you been on? How many second dates? I have a feeling those numbers have staggering differences. You probably thought the date was going well and maybe felt a little surprised and hurt that it didn't lead to a second. 

If you want to guarantee a second date with someone you're really vibing with on a first date, just follow the below guidelines...

1. Don't make it feel like an interview. Talk about what makes you smile and excited. Ask interesting questions rather than, "So what do you do?" Ask if that person is happy at their current job. Maybe ask what they would be doing if money wasn't an issue. Ask questions that let you get to know the person on a deeper level. Absolutely no talk of exes or anything negative. The first date should be fun and light, not boring and heavy. 

2. Talk about a movie you're dying to see or a cool cocktail bar you've been wanting to check out. Those subtle hints will give the other person an idea on where you two could go next time. 

3. Keep it to 2 drinks MAX! Getting drunk on a first date will scare off a person who is looking for a serious relationship. Your friends are your drinking buddies, not new dates! In my market research, a lot of men said a girl who got too tipsy on a first date was automatically ruled out, even if they really liked her earlier on in the date. 

4. You don't need to spend more than 2 hours with someone on a first date. Keep a little mystery! You know the saying, "it's best to leave at the height of a party." Let the other person miss you a little. You're much more likely to get a second date and sooner than you'd expect. 

Try these tips on your next date and let me know how it goes.




Anna Morgenstern