Before we can really move on from past experiences to enable ourselves to be open to new ones, we have to forgive. That forgiveness could be to past exes or maybe even yourself. A common theme I keep hearing from men is that women let their past experiences influence their new relationships by assuming the new guy will be a jerk, just like the rest.

Forgive that last jerk and move on. Don't let him keep you from happiness in a new relationship. Don't let YOU keep yourself from happiness in your next relationship. If you've written out why your last 5 relationships ended and why you liked and didn't like in them, maybe you noticed some patterns. It might have made you realize that while you were hurt in the past, the relationship is not worth holding on to. A lot of us hold on to the memory of the relationship because that's all that is left. Let go knowing that something better will be out there for you. 

I always remind clients that the love of your life will be there for you and will love you, at the very least. We romanticize relationships in our minds but critically think about if you were happy. Passion is great but that can't sustain the entire relationship alone. The love of your life will have all of the pieces you need, not just one or two. 

So think about who you need to forgive in order to move on and let someone new in. Take some time to journal today about who you are forgiving and let me know how good it feels to let all of those negative feelings go!



Anna Morgenstern