Positive Reinforcement

Sometimes we all need a positive reinforcement boost. It's harder to see ourselves clearly than it is to see others. Most people can usually clearly outline all of their faults and flaws but are stumped when asked to list the positives. 

If you don't see all of the amazing qualities you posses, no one else will. Think about all of the qualities you would like in your future partner and make sure you posses those as well. If you're in an unhappy place, figure that out first before putting any effort into meeting someone because you won't be able to nurture a new connection. Only once you're a truly happy person can you bring someone else into your life. 

So, if you are having trouble listing your positive attributes, I have an exercise for you to do. One of my clients recently did this and it made her realize how special she really is. 

Email 5 friends and ask them to respond with why they value your friendship and why they have kept you in their lives. Reading their responses will help you realize that you bring something special to other people's lives and that's something you should always keep in mind. You have something to bring to a relationship that keeps people in your inner circle. Hearing that you are loyal, kind, loving, caring, etc. will bring so many positive feelings flowing through you. 

Stop beating yourself up and start believing all of the wonderful things people say about you. 

Let me know how the exercise goes for you!




Anna Morgenstern