Three Date Slump

I had a chat with a guy friend on the different reasons why a guy might disappear after a third date. I've spoken to a lot of clients and friends who were confused after a great third date. Why did he suddenly ghost? 

After three dates you get a good sense of the person. Clearly the attraction is there so now you're evaluating if that person is actually right for you. Maybe you've said a few comments that made that person think you want different things. Did you text him a lot after or invite him to a few things? He could have been spooked thinking you want something serious with him right away. Don't come across negative or jaded. That's an easy way to make sure he never texts you again. Think about all of the qualities you're looking for in someone and make sure you are those things as well. 

The first two months should be fun, easy and not serious. This time should be used to see if you truly get along and enjoy each other's company. The first three dates should especially follow these rules. It's fine to talk about family and ask questions that are important to you but it should be done in a fun, flirty way. Don't grill the poor guy or get into any heated discussions about politics or religion. Go into each date with a positive mindset and don't drink too much. 

Boys feel free to chime in on any other reasons you stopped seeing a girl after three dates. 



Anna Morgenstern