To Text Or Not To Text

A lot of people go through this scenario: you go out with someone a few times or maybe just met once and felt a little spark but never heard from that person again. You felt disheartened and confused and maybe even made up a few stories about why they didn't respond to your last text. 

So now you're considering a Hail Mary. Sending one more text to see if they'll respond. Maybe they didn't get your last text or perhaps they were dating around and are single again. What's the harm of sending one more text? Maybe it will spark a rekindling? 

No. Just no.

While it may seem harmless to throw it out there one more time, you always want to leave the door open. Sometimes that additional text puts a nail in the coffin. It would be better to run into that person than to send another text. Desperate is not hot. They did get your last text and chose to not respond. They either met someone else or decided they aren't interested. Sending that Hail Mary text won't change their mind. 

So if you want to try to rekindle an old flame, find a way to cross paths in the wild. You'll know instantly if they have any interest left in you or if they wish they never knew you. A visual reminder is much stronger than a virtual one. You want to keep your dignity because you never know when you'll cross paths again, especially if you end up liking someone connected to that person. You don't want a bad review. 

But the biggest reason of all to not reach out is that you only want people in your life that make you feel good and bring you up. You don't have room in your life for those who don't want to be there. Make room for those who really want to be there! 



Anna Morgenstern