Try A New Neighborhood This Weekend

I'm constantly hearing from friends and clients that they just keep meeting the same bros every weekend when they go out. That's more than likely because they go to the same 5-6 bars over and over. 

If you're looking to meet a man in his 30s who maybe isn't a big party guy, think about which neighborhood he might live in or go out in. If it's Tribeca, find a few local coffee shops to hang out in and see if the type of guy you're looking for frequents these places. Maybe find a friend and go to happy hour somewhere in that neighborhood. Find reasons to be there and I guarantee you will be socializing with men you've never met before. 

One thing I am always teaching is that you have to have no shame. If you see a cute guy and introduce yourself, the worst thing that will happen is he tells you his name and walks away. You didn't really lose anything and you had an opportunity to practice. Win win. You will experience a lot of rejection but you only need one guy to notice how amazing you are and ask you out to make it all feel worthwhile. 

When I personally started to branch out and meet people who lived in different neighborhoods, I was introduced to so many amazing experiences that I never would have had if I just stayed in my neighborhood and never explored. It's a big city out there! Pick a new neighborhood every few weeks and see what's out there. Let me know what you find. 



Anna Morgenstern