What Lights You Up?

If I asked you right now, "what are you passionate about?" would you be able to answer?

It's so important to have a few things in your life that make you happy and excited to talk about. How many times have you started a conversation with someone you thought you could be interested in only to find out they were boring or there was no spark? How many people do you meet and the conversation sounds more like a job interview rather than someone who you'd actually like to get to know better? We only get one chance to make a first impression so make it count! Be memorable. 

If you can't think of three topics that make you feel passionate to discuss, then add some new activities into your life. I always recommend to my clients to add in volunteer work to their weekly routines. Not only will this boost your self confidence and introduce you to some incredible people but will also give you something interesting to talk about at the next networking event or happy hour you attend. Imagine if you're talking to someone attractive and they mention an awesome volunteer activity they just did... swoon, right? I always feel so amazing after helping others or my community that I can't wait to share how great I feel. I light up when I talk about it. 

That kind of energy is intoxicating. You will draw more people to you when you light up about a topic. Maybe that cute guy at the bar will see you from across the room as you smile broadly and wave your arms around as you talk about something you are passionate about. That kind of energy never goes unnoticed. 

I asked about 100 men what makes them notice one girl at the bar versus another. To be honest, I thought they would have mostly shallow responses, all including looks, but I was wrong. Almost all of them said something along the lines of the girl who looked happy and excited about life. She was the girl who was talking and laughing with her friends and engaging the people around her. She exuded a positive energy that drew people to her. 

What are the three things you are passionate about? Reach out to me if you need help finding them: datingrehabnyc@gmail.com



Anna Morgenstern