When Dating A Coworker Goes Wrong...

I was asked by a friend last night how she should handle a little situation she got herself into at work. She had been dating a coworker for a few weeks when all of a sudden he ghosted her. Well, ghosted her via text but she still had to see him every day. She wasn't sure how she should act around him. Does it look pathetic if she is nice to him? But would she look bitter if she was rude? 

She definitely got herself into a pickle. Dating a coworker is never easy. I know quite a few people who met their significant others at work so it's definitely worth the risk sometimes but it's important to know who you're dealing with. Before getting involved with someone you work with, get the scoop. Ask around at work if he is a good guy. You might find out that he is the office bicycle, which in that case, you'll want to steer clear. Do your due diligence before crossing a line at the next happy hour. Believe me, if things cool off  it won't be him who will be feeling uncomfortable. 

So, if you already crossed the line and are now getting the cold shoulder, what should you do? If you appear too nice he might think you're still interested in him, which would only feed his ego. If you go out of your way to ignore him, it'll make you look petty (aka still interested in him), not to mention will make your life less enjoyable at the office. I told her to start a little rumor that she started seeing someone new. Spread the news to the office gossipers and it'll get back to him by the end of the week. 

Why the fake boyfriend? Well, you can act however you want and he won't think it's because you still have feelings for him. Now if you're nice or cold, it won't matter because he'll think you're with somebody else. Your behavior won't have anything to do with him. You're free! It might even spark a little jealousy out of him. And when that happens... well you never know who might start calling you up again. I would recommend not going back there since you know how he treated you the last time but it will definitely feel good to get his attention again. 

I'll report back on how this strategy worked for my friend. 



Anna Morgenstern