How To Navigate Any Relationship

I recently took a new type of psychological test that determines your motivations and identifies which group you belong in. Rather than looking at characteristics as other tests do, this test uncovers your true motivations.

The test explains your behavior when you’re at your best versus when you are at your worst. For example, I’m at my best when I inspire others while I’m at my worst when I ignore others. I can completely understand why the test would reveal this about myself. I love inspiring others to find their passions and help grow a following around that. I also love helping people become more positive and internally happy so they can attract someone amazing into their lives. When I am not in a good mood and ignore my friends or family, I know I’m not serving myself or anyone around me. I’ve known this about myself but seeing it in writing that by ignoring others I’m at my worst has made me stop and get out of my funk, rather than staying in my bad mood.

If you understand your motivations and when you’re at your best and worst, navigating a romantic relationship will be much easier. The test allows you to compare your group with other groups and see compatibility and conflicts. I can see exactly why I might buck heads with someone and by understanding their motivations, as well as my own, will help me be more compassionate and understanding to our differences and our similarities.

If you enter a relationship with the tools to understand one another better, you’ll be setting yourself up for success and will give your relationship the best chance to last.

Take the test here and use the code ANNA20 for 20% off:

Let me know if you want to chat about your results.



Anna Morgenstern