Single Humans of New York #1

I spend most of my days on the phone talking to many single people in New York asking them what they are looking for in a significant other. I ask about personality and physical preferences and what would make them settle down. I talk to people anywhere from 25-55, male and female from all walks of life. I thought it would be fun to gather everything I've learned and create a weekly blog series. So here is #1...

Throw away your heels, sexy dresses and fake hair. Every single guy I have spoken to in New York has said they want a girl next door type rather than a glam girl. Guys appreciate a girl who can look naturally pretty without much effort. If they notice the fake eyelashes, fake hair, self tanner, etc. they immediately think she doesn't have much substance and is high maintenance. 

As women, we think we need to curl our hair perfectly or wear just the right outfit in order for guys to find us attractive. In reality, the most attractive thing you can wear is confidence. Guys do not care or even notice a white t-shirt vs. a black dress. They notice how comfortable you are in your own skin. I hear that time and time again from men that they just want someone who is comfortable being who they truly are. Confidence is the sexiest thing you could ever wear and it comes across the way you walk, talk and interact. If you're wearing 5 inch heels that pinch your toes, you won't be walking your most comfortable gait. 

I encourage you to go out this weekend in whatever you feel most comfortable in and see if that makes a difference in how you interact with any possible love interests. Do you walk into the room feeling a bit lighter? Is the overall vibe your giving off happier? Put on some Converse and let your hair air dry. Show the world the real you!



Anna Morgenstern