Summer Lovin'

New Yorkers are very busy, especially during the summer. Meeting someone late spring, early summer and then keeping that connection going can be difficult. It's not hopeless but you may want to keep things light until September. Don't put any pressure on someone to see them more regularly when you know you'll both have several planned trips, maybe for weeks at a time. If you can keep it light until Labor Day, you'll set yourself up for a better chance of something serious developing. 

In general, the happier and easier you can keep the connection, the better the outcome. Think about the person you'd want to date - they probably aren't pressuring you into a relationship. 

Summer is a great time to meet people and start connections that could develop either now or later. Everyone is out and about and happy to chat and make new friends. I always recommend my clients to add people on Facebook to stay connected. You'll be able to see the events they are going to as well as invite them to anything fun you're doing. I've also been told by a client that her Hinge matches became exponentially better after adding more and more people she was meeting on Facebook since Hinge matches you by friends of friends. 

Don't be disappointed or discouraged if you meet someone you really like but nothing really becomes of it. They might come back around in the fall once they're done traveling and have some time to get to know you. Keep note of interesting people and maybe reach back out after Labor Day to see if something could blossom. Even something as simple as liking a photo could trigger someone to remember how awesome you are and get back in touch.



Anna Morgenstern