When Is It Time To Move In?

A topic of much debate is when is the right time to move in with someone. Is it a certain amount of time? Is it when you reach a certain state in the relationship? 

In general, I believe it's best to not rush anything or put pressure on anyone to feel ready. I've often seen one person feel more certain that the time is right and push the other person to get there (me included!). It's a big decision to merge your lives and should be decided together. If one person expresses concerns, listen and allow them to tell you exactly how they are feeling. Maybe after a calm discussion that person will feel much more confident in their decision to move forward. 

Bullying someone into getting what you want will most likely backfire on you and you'll end up alone. It's always good to remember that relationships are a marathon, not a sprint. It's exciting to meet someone and fall in love but the rest of your life is a long time so don't rush through all the fun firsts. You'll have the rest of your life to live with your partner so enjoy the time you have now to live with friends or on your own. 

You two love each other and want to move your relationship forward so take the time to sit down and have a real conversation. If one person needs to talk through some things, listen. Life will get much harder once you throw a kid or two in the mix. Learn how to communicate effectively now before you take a big step in your relationship. You both have the same goal - to be together - so take a deep breath, think about what you want to communicate and do it calmly. Talk about it in person, not over the phone / text. Grown up time!



Anna Morgenstern